Pricing & Payment

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Lessons are to be paid on a monthly basis. It is important to note that you are paying for a reserved time slot; not for attended lessons.

Please find information regarding Missed or Cancelled lessons in the Teaching Agreement.

Please note that throughout music lessons, the purchase of various books/resources will be necessary.

These are not included in the monthly tuition fee.

For students who wish to sit music exams, there will be an additional exam fee charged by the exam board.

You will receive an Invoice (by email) on the 28th of every month. This is to pay for the following month in advance.

e.g. An Invoice received on the 28th January will cover Februarys Tuition Fees.

By default, a Direct Debit will be set up when you start lessons. This will allow automatic payment to begin processing once an invoice has been raised.

Direct Debits can be cancelled at any point, should you wish to stop lessons.

MM Piano Tuition reserves the right to charge a £5 administration fee for any rejected payments due to insufficient funds.

No discounts/refunds will be given for weeks listed in the Holiday Calendar as these weeks have already been deducted from the overall yearly cost. Also, if the teacher is unable to attend you/your child’s lesson on a day which is not a scheduled holiday date, You may find a discount on your following months invoice. These instances would usually be down to the teacher being off ill.

  • Monthly Tuition Fees are paid for each month in advance. (Aprils lessons would be invoiced at the end of March).

  • Invoices will be sent by email on the 28th of each month.

  • There are various holiday weeks during the year where there are no lessons. Usually during Aberdeenshire school holidays. These weeks have already been deducted from the overall yearly cost of lessons and therefor will require no further discount. You can find details of these dates here or in the waiting room.

  • There is no additional cost for months where there are five lessons instead of the usual four.

  • No discounts/refunds will be given for missed/cancelled lessons. This does include cancelling due to illness & holidays.

  • An additional £5 fee will be applied to late payments.

  • If the teacher is unable to attend a scheduled lesson (E.g. Due to illness or other commitments), a discount/refund will be applied to your next monthly invoice.

How do Direct Debit payments work?

30min Weekly Lessons

£55.00 /MONTH

60min Weekly Lessons

£110.00 /MONTH


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